Question of the Week: Will the Bronco Get the 3.0L Power Stroke Diesel?

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With EcoBoost engine development at an all-time high, will Ford risk selling a diesel-powered Bronco?

Last week we asked our members which engines they’re hoping to see in the new Ford Bronco when it arrives in or around 2020. We received lots of replies with a wide variety of ideas, but many people mentioned they would like to see a new Bronco with a diesel engine. In many cases people pointed out that the 3.2L Power Stroke diesel from the Ford Transit would work, as would a variation of the 3.0L Power Stroke coming to the F-150 in 2018.

Ford has diesel engines which would seemingly fit in the new midsized Ford Bronco, and there seems to be interest from within the Ford truck community. But does that mean Ford will offer a diesel?

That is our newest “Question of the Week.” We aren’t asking if you would like to see a diesel in the future Ford Bronco. We want to know if you think that Ford will actually offer a diesel engine in the new Bronco.

New Ford Bronco

A decade ago this discussion wouldn’t have made much sense, as there weren’t many vehicles sold in the US with small diesel engines. But that has changed a great deal in the past few years. The Ram 1500 has a 3.0L diesel, the new Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon share a 2.8L diesel and, as mentioned above, the Ford Transit offers a 3.2L diesel. It’s no longer an oddity to buy an American vehicle with a small, efficient diesel engine.

Will they?

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