QUESTION OF THE WEEK Which Raptor F-150 Cab for You?

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Our newest Question of the Week focuses on the newly announced 2017 Ford Raptor F-150 SuperCrew and whether our members would pick this bigger cab configuration – or if they would prefer the smaller SuperCab version that debuted last year in Detroit.

All-New 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor with auto start-stop technology

The 2017 Raptor F-150 has all of the same basic working components whether it is a SuperCrew or SuperCab, so the decision comes down to whether you want a smaller, lighter Raptor or a larger, heavier Raptor with more rear seating space and more rear cargo space.

Of course, the SuperCrew will surely cost more than the SuperCab, so opting for the smaller 2017 Raptor F-150 means improved performance and a lower purchase price while the SuperCrew will more comfortably seat four (of five) adults.

Click here to head into the forum to tell us whether you would pick the 2017 Ford Raptor F-150 in the smaller SuperCab or larger SuperCrew configuration.


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