QUESTION OF THE WEEK Which Ford Truck Feature Are You Most Thankful For?

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2017 Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum Crew Cab 4x4

The holidays are all about spending time with those you love and giving thanks for all of the most important things in life – such as family, health, financial stability and all of the other non-material aspects of life that make it worth living.

However, with today being “Cyber Monday” and everyone having given their thanks to the most important components to a happy life  – today we talk about giving thanks for some of our favorite automotive features.

For our Question of the Week, we want to know what feature in recent Ford truck history you enjoy the most. Is it the introduction of the first PowerStroke diesel engine or perhaps a newest iteration of one of the industry’s toughest engines? Is it the advancements in chassis and drivetrain technologies which have allowed Ford to produce the toughest, bestselling trucks in America?

Click here to head into the forums to tell us what about Ford trucks makes you so thankful to drive the world’s bestselling pickup.


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