QUESTION OF THE WEEK Should the New Bronco be a Bronco II?

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2015 bronco 600

When a magazine posted an April Fool’s Day story in 2014 about a new full size Ford Bronco based on the 2015 F-150, they created a rumor that has managed to bounce around the Internet for almost a full year now.

Even though Ford reps have stated that there is no F-150-based Bronco project in the works, the rumors persist – partially due to the fact that Ford Motor Company recently trademarked the Bronco name.

While some believe that the trademark application for the Bronco name means that the F-150-looking Bronco is coming, there is a new rumor that the future Ford Bronco will follow more in the footsteps of the old Bronco II.

This would make it a smaller, high riding SUV that would compete more with the Jeep Wrangler than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In this day and age, a Ford competitor for the Wrangler makes far more sense than a body-on-frame, full size SUV…especially with the strong sales of the current Ford Explorer.

So, for our Question of the Week, do you think that a future Bronco designed to compete with the Jeep Wrangler would be a better choice than a large, F-150-based vehicle?

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