QUESTION OF THE WEEK How Often Do You Drive Your Ford on Unpaved Roads?

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I recently had someone comment on a review of a truck where I had spent some time driving offroad and on some rough, unpaved roads, insisting that part of the review was pointless since “normal people spend all of their time driving on paved roads”. From there, I came up with our latest Question of the Week.

How often do you drive your Ford truck or sport utility vehicle on unpaved roads?

I don’t not live in a very rural area, yet there are still quite a few unpaved side roads around here that are heavily driven, with a great many “normal people” using them to get to and from their jobs at the GM Proving Grounds and I know that the roads around Ford’s Romeo Proving Grounds are also largely unpaved – so plenty of “normal people” are using them as well.

So click here to head into the forum to tell us how often you drive on unpaved roads, and that includes recreational off-roading or traveling through the woods to get to a hunting or fishing spot.

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