Badass 1974 Ford Econoline E-300 4×4 Needs an A-Team

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Ditch that camper van this sunny season and go touring in this uber rare short-wheel base 1970’s Ford Econoline E-300 Quadravan with Pathfinder 4×4. Ford’s Econoline E-300 was offered in past decades with an factory aftermarket option of a 4×4 system from the Pathfinder Company. Most often on the long-wheel base Econoline models, makes this short-wheel build the ultimate in collectability.

Superior drivability in serious off-road conditions and even tight city driving. This Pathfinder 4×4 built up E-300 now on BaT was doctored heavily in the day and recently brought to speed with new and rebuilt parts ready to rocket you out of low grip situations. Let’s dig into the appetizing candy apple red all-wheel powerbar.

This 1974 Ford Econoline 300 started life as a common one ton short-wheel base model which was immediately sent to Pathfinder after purchase to be fitted with Ford’s OEM-authorized 4×4 four-wheel-drive system. Running up front is a Dana 40 front differential mated to a Dana 60 rear-end diff spinning through a 2-speed Dana transfer case.

Warn locking hubs up front and couple of shift levers inside. The coil-spring suspension, mud gripping tires, widened fender flares and beasty winch up front does a good job adding performance whilst displaying off-road prowess.

Juicing this red apple all-wheel powered van is a rehabilitated 302 V8 engine ripping through a three-speed automatic C4 transmission which sounds murderously good for off-roading. Rehabbed parts include a rebuilt carb with a new fuel pump, ignition, exhaust, plugs n’ coils, battery cable, voltage regulator and the starting system.

The interior was also reupholstered with a plush black leather which will be nice on those long trips up to the camp sites or lake. Asking $16,500 now sitting in Oregon would sure be a fun trip to buy and drive back home. Head over to Bat and Craigslist for more details. Do you have one of these rare SWB Pathfinder E-300s? Share with us how you’ve tuned yours.

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