‘Punctured F-150 Aluminum Bed’ Troll Surfaces Again With New Story

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Forum members’ priceless reactions to the F-150 troll range from denial, agreeance, and claims of Chevy blackmail.

Oh, the debate is still very much on, folks. The aluminum versus steel debacle is alive and well between Chevy and Ford loyalists, and even within the F-150 community. Some prefer the tried and true steel, while others welcome aluminum with open arms.

Regardless of whose side you’re on, there’s one thing Ford truck owners can do, and do it darn well: spot a troll. These cringe-worthy photos were posted on June 18, 2017, to our sister site F-150 Forum. They show a beautiful, but ill-fated 2016 Ford F-150 with a massive tree branch ripping through its aluminum bed.

Or is it? According to Texaskey (thread starter), this truck doesn’t actually belong to him.

“F-150 2016, I am speaking on behalf of my son in law who’s not sure what to do. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. They live in Virginia among large tall trees, as you can see a large spear like branch came straight down and thru the soft Aluminum Alloy truck bed. Fortunately, the gas tank was not in this area. I Contacted the customer relations Ford division explained the issue sent them these photos and no response from Ford there after.”

The post caused several worthwhile reactions, such as:

  • “Moved.” by Martian
  • “That is what Insurance is for.” by AMET
  • “Why not take a close up pic of the branch going thru the bed? Looks covered up.” by TexasRedfish
  • “Chevy’s gone too far by posting these fake stories. Yeah, I’m on to you Chevy!” by BlackBoost

But wait, there’s more!

Rewind to October 2016, when someone by the name of ColtM4 posted photos of “their” 2015 Ford truck on FordF150.netThese time the same photos were shared, but with a plot twist.

“A branch fell out of a tree from about 40 feet up. Punctured my bed. Good job Ford. I have owned Fords my whole life and am really disappointed. Sucks too that I have an appointment to get a Linex liner next week.”

Just like Texaskey on F-150 Forum, ColtM4 only posted once in FordF-150.net. In both cases, the accounts were created on the same day of the posts and never showed any other forum activity after that. Neither username on either site features a photo, or any other information about their trucks, modifications, etc.

In other words, both of these accounts were created with one purpose: to post these (most likely) fake photos, and get folks riled up. But, for what purpose?

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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