Product Installation and Review: Dura Trans Programmable Overdrive Controller (Part 2)

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After seperating the connectors, place the transmission in the "L" setting and tilt the steering wheel down. This will give you enough clearance to remove the dash panel out of the way. Make sure you have the parking brake engaged!

Next, remove the 4 bolts that hold the instrument cluster in place.

Tilt the instrument cluster forward.

Remove the various connectors from the back of the unit. Its cramped but very straight-forward and each connector can only fit with its mate so you don’t need to worry about re-connecting them incorrectly later on.

The unit comes with t-connectors that clip onto wires on the dash wiring harness. The installation instructions did not explain how these connectors worked. If you’ve never seen one before an explanation of them would be handy.

Slip the end of each wiring on the Dura Trans into a connector socket.Crimp down on the tube shaped end of the connector with a crimping tool and the wire should stay put.

Connect the wires from the three wire DuraTrans harness to the wires noted in the installation instructions. We found the illustrations to be confusing for novices and found out later that we installed two of the wires backwards. This proved to be quite frustating — after the first test of the product, the speedometer needle jumped all over the place after 35 mph and the unit didn’t work. We called InterMotive and they told us to reverse two of our connections (it worked). Though this seemed a negative at the time, it really impressed all of us that the product worked even after such a big mistake on our part. We were told that the product has protection built into it just in case this type of thing is done —- a BIG plus.

Notice the connectors on the bottom of the photo. These connect to the overdrive wires. We found that the easiest way to connect these was to use a socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the plactic steering column collar. Once this collar is removed, access to the two wires is fairly straight forward. After making these connections, reinstall the collar. The photo below shows the collar with its bolts removed and the collar opened.

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