Pro Ute Conversion: Ford Taurus SHO-Ranchero

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If you’re going to convert a 2nd gen Ford Taurus into a pickup why not use the top performance-edition SHO in Deep Jewel Green Metallic. In Australia there is a large following for these passenger-car pickups called utes, as a Ford enthusiast you’re probably up on this trend for the past decades.

This American cowboy just couldn’t handle life without one so he built his own Taurus SHO-Ranchero pickup which turned out pretty, pretty good. So good that Mecum has added the custom build to their upcoming Kansas City event.

In the description area there’s only a couple bullet points with one stating ‘over $20,000 invested’ leading to my research coming up empty. What I can divulge from a far is that the front clearly is a well-cared for front-wheel drive, front-engine front-half of a Taurus SHO joined together from what looks like the rear end of a Ford Ranger flareside standard bed pickup.

I know from years of enjoying utes and media from down-under is that they are known for having a smooth style-side pickup rear end accentuating passenger car construction. Funny thing is, this doesn’t follow that design theory. It truly looks unique with flared fenders and side steps. Not to mention it’s probably one of the only custom front-drive pickups in the world.

What this ute does continue is the spirit of being a performance oriented vehicle. Even being a front-drive car it has a robust 5-speed manual transmission for proper control and abilities to handle the abuse. After lightening up that rear end you’ll want to push that Yamaha built finely-tuned, free-revving 3-liter V6 through its paces. Have you done or seen a conversion you’d like to replicate? Share with us your pictures or dreams.

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