Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist to Cost Less Than $400

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Do you all remember Ford’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist, the technology that makes it easy for even a novice to backup a trailer (and something many of you dislike)? Well, it might be worth checking the box on your 2016 F-150 order for it, because it’ll be priced less than $400.

According to a tweet from Ford’s Mike Levine, F-Series guru, the technology will be less than $400 on the 2016 Ford F-150. How much less? He didn’t say, but it’s not really a bad deal for the piece of technology.

Pro Trailer 2016 F-150

Presumably, you’ll have to have the truck ordered with a towing package and rearview camera in order to get the Pro Trailer Backup Assist, since it’s dependent on many of the features that come with both. But, if you’re already getting those you might as well check the box.

Why? Resale value. While some of you definitely keep your trucks forever and don’t plan on selling them, many of you trade up in a few years to the new hotness and you sell your old truck. I imagine the technology will be pretty popular with the average truck buyer, and they’ll pay to have that feature on the truck. It makes sense to order it and have it available, even if you decide not to use it.

But who knows, maybe you’ll try it and like it? Making it at under $400 means that might happen in some cases.

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via [Mike Levine / Twitter]

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