Pro Touring 1969 F-100 Will Make a Big Splash at SEMA

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Gateway Classic Mustang prepares candy-apple red classic truck for Battle of the Builders competition.

As you might guess from the name, Gateway Classic Mustang does not normally build pickup trucks. However, the Mustang custom shop near St. Louis has undertaken a totally boss 1969 Ford F-100 build for SEMA 2017’s Battle of the Builders.

Gateway owner Lonny Childress showed SEMA some of the in-progress work on the truck a few weeks back. Of course, we say they don’t normally build trucks, but they have worked on many in the past.

This one, however, represents a more radical take on the ‘69 F-100. Gateway hatched it as a pro-touring style build, lowered and with a lot of modern bits on it. This one will turns corners, ready for a Good Guys autocross or a track day from the looks of it.

But Childress didn’t want to build a trailer queen. Instead, Gateway built a trailer-pulling queen. Yep, the 1969 F-100 can tow a fifth-wheel camper for a track-day weekend. It’s ready to do some work and it’s gonna look great in the process.

You can find details on the build, already en route to SEMA, on the company’s Facebook page. Since the video was made, the entire truck was given a beautiful shade of red.

Like most pro-touring builds, this one also got a modern engine. The F-100 will sport Ford’s 5.2-liter Aluminator crate engine. That is the same engine used in the Shelby GT350R, which means the cross-plane crank will make this truck sound like it’s ripping the world in two.

Hopefully, this 1969 F-100 goes to work on an autocross course soon, because we want to see (and hear) this thing running hard.

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