Pristine 1972 Ford F-100 Somehow Has Only 37K Miles

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1972 Ford F-100

We’re always skeptical about low mileage claims on old trucks, but this Ford F-100 is an amazing ride regardless.

Finding a nice ’60s or ’70s Ford truck is pretty easy these days, thanks to their insane popularity. But most of those trucks, though solid, have traveled at least 100,000 miles. As they should, really. After all, nobody bought pickups back in those days just to let them sit around in a garage. So when you find something with super low mileage (37,200) like this 1972 Ford F-100 that we spotted on eBay, it’s truly notable.

But even though this Ford F-100 is certainly in amazing shape, we still have questions. For starters, we always question the validity of mileage claims, and there are a couple of red flags here. One of those is the fact that the original 360 has been rebuilt, which seems somewhat unnecessary. The seat cover has also been replaced, but it’s likely that mere sun/age caused that to crack. The air conditioning and temp gauge are also non-operational at the moment.

1972 Ford F-100

But even if this Ford F-100 has 137k miles instead of 37k, there’s no denying that it’s a fine specimen regardless. With power steering and brakes along with the aforementioned factory air, it’s certainly nicely optioned. There isn’t much rust to speak of, though we don’t have any underbody shots to go off of. And the original paint has held up rather well over the last 46 years, if it is in fact 100% original.

1972 Ford F-100

The trim and tailgate wood applique is also in pretty phenomenal shape, given their propensity to wear out/fade over time. But it appears that we aren’t the only ones skeptical about the mileage. Bidding hasn’t hit the reserve price yet (as of this writing). And the seller, seeing the writing on the wall, has already lowered the truck’s reserve. Still, logistics aside, this is easily one of the nicest ’72 Ford F-100 example we’ve seen in a while!

1972 Ford F-100

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