Pretty in Patina: 12th-Gen Ford F-150 Wrapped in Rust

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Finding rust spots on cars is like finding green mold in a restaurant. If untreated, it could spell doom and destroy any long, fruitful future. Rust is usually a problem needing fixing. But for this 12th-generation Ford F-150 owner, rust is exactly what his eyes desired.

modern-ford-f-150Thanks to WrapZone, Skepple, and Hexis, you can now give your newer cars the look you’d see typically see on a vehicle that’s been sitting for 50 years and was just discovered in an old warehouse on American Pickers.

The wrapped F-150 was done by Scott Kepple for a guy named Fredrik, who also has a beautifully stanced Audi A4 wagon. Paired with the custom wheels, the rusty look actually looks kinda cool.

What do you guys think?

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