Enraged Pregnant Woman Runs Over Thief With Ford Explorer

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Thug gets what he deserves when he messes with a feisty, Explorer-driving lady!

While some headlines surrounding this story poke fun at the hormonal, pregnant main character, it’s fair to say she did what most — male or female — victims would’ve done. Of course, it’s probably in your best interest to not upset a pregnant lady, but the fact remains that a purse-stealing thug got what he deserved.

The alleged thief tried to steal 26-year old Christine Braswell’s purse. Upon Braswell emerging from the Asheville, North Carolina Walmart to see the man breaking into her Ford Explorer, all hell broke loose. Literally. That’s when the five-month-pregnant Braswell decided to inflict her own special form of justice.

“I chased a little ways then come [sic] back, jumped in the car, throwed [sic] it in gear and came across the curb and ran him over,” Braswell told KXAN. “I was not going to let him get away with it. It’s not right it’s not fair.”


Thankfully (for us), somebody had their phone handy and recorded the action. The alleged thief (who in typical Walmart fashion) was shirtless, feebly tries to run away as the determined Explorer driver launches over a median and mows him down from behind.

While we find this form of justice to be quite satisfying, it obviously wasn’t a very smart course of action. Thankfully, neither Braswell, her fetus, or the shirtless lowlife were seriously injured. The man was charged with breaking and entering, larceny, and damage to property. Unsurprisingly, Braswell was also slapped with an assault charge for her actions.

As for the rest of us, this incident serves as two important reminders. One, don’t risk your life (or somebody else’s) by chasing after a fleeing thief. Two… well, we’re sure you can come up with this one on your own!

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