‘Predator’ Prototype Pops Up on Craigslist, Sparks Confusion

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Ford Truck Prototype

Is this alleged Ford truck prototype the real deal, or just some kind of an elaborate hoax?

We’ve seen a number of Ford truck prototype examples over the years. Some awesome, some downright hideous. But one Ford truck prototype we’ve never seen is this – what is proclaimed to be the Ford Predator. Supposedly, the truck was built for the 1993 Detroit Auto Show, yet obviously never made it to production. And, of course, it’s currently for sale on Craigslist (of all places) in Commerce, Michigan.

According to the seller, the Predator features an all-fiberglass body and (interestingly) a 351 Cleveland engine. With an F-250 chassis sitting underneath it, the body lines certainly look like something designed to preview the curvy, pre-1997 10th gen F-Series. And yet, there is virtually zero proof that this truck exists, anywhere on the Internet. So you can’t blame us for being just a tad skeptical.

Road & Track caught wind of the listing and actually called the seller, however. They discovered that it’s built on a four-wheel drive platform, and the seller claims it was designed by the same folks as the SVT Lightning. “Deone” also claims to have spotted the prototype sitting in a warehouse frequently used by Ford and other automakers to store such concepts. And that warehouse just happened to belong to his buddy. Supposedly, he convinced Ford to sell him the Predator just last fall after years of bugging them.

Ford is said to have removed the gas tank and transmission from the truck, apparently in an effort to keep him from driving it on public roads. Everything else, however, is said to function properly. Deone intended to turn the truck into an off-road machine, but quickly realized it might be worth something to someone.

But the question remains – is this thing real? We’re curious to know if any of our astute readers remember seeing this Ford truck concept at the Detroit Auto Show. Or, even better, if you have pictures of it on display? If so, let us know, because this might be the most obscure prototype we’ve come across!

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