Instagram Spotlight: ‘Powersallv5’ and His Badass Bronco

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A properly restored, old-school Ford Bronco that can slay trails? Yes, please! Check out “powersallv5’s” hot ride.

Instagram has created a phenomenon called “Instafame.” Being Insta-famous means that you have a large following of online fans who adore you for what you’re putting out, whatever that may be. Some have become international sensations for their photographic talents, their vehicles, or even their natural (or unnatural) beauty. We’re not complaining, we’re just stating the facts.

Speaking of hot rides and Instafamous celebrities, we recently came across a scorching Instagram account: powersallv5. According to his bio, he’s a Bronco owner, car junkie, and a music lover. What we love most about his Instagram account is that he isn’t afraid to get his Bronco dirty — but quite the opposite.

Please enjoy some of powersallv5’s can’t-miss pics below. And be sure to follow him on Instagram, too!

Not a bad way to spend Black Friday this year.

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Ready to hit the trails! #earlybronco #ford #fomoco

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This beauty is next level #earlybronco

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