Power Wheelin’ Through NYC in a Ford F-150

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Last year, “The Tonight Show” host and New Yorker Jimmy Fallon announced he wanted to get a new Ford F-150. A full-size truck can’t be easy to own in and drive through such a congested city, but one the size of a Power Wheels should be a cinch, right?

Not exactly.


Hana R. Alberts, a writer for the real estate website Curbed, encountered her share of problems behind the (tiny) wheel of a Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F-150. They started with the giant, unwieldy, 95-pound box it came in. After spending more than two hours assembling the petite pickup and 18 charging its battery, she crammed her very adult 5’4″ body into the PW F-150’s very child-size passenger space and hit the snow-flanked streets sidewalks…at 2.5 mph. Traffic jams ensued.

Between those snags, Alberts encountered dogs, kids who loved and envied her ride, and adults who reminded her of her mother, who denied a younger Alberts the pleasure of a Fisher-Price Power Wheels vehicle because of space constraints at home. The Big Apple is a massive city, but its living spaces are a little short on space, at least when it comes to four wheels of young fun.


The PW Blue Oval came up a little short itself on an icy incline, leading to Alberts pushing it to where she needed to be. At other times, she had to carry it over obstacles.

Perhaps Fisher-Price will release a Raptor version of its Power Wheels F-150 for the 2017 model year and we here at Ford-Trucks can test it out in the country. There’s plenty of storage and driving space here in Texas…

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