A Power Stroke Powered Ranger Stomps a Ram

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The Ford Ranger has seen many uses over its lifetime. It’s been a small truck for normal people. It’s been the work truck of lumber yards and car parts stores nationwide. But, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen it at a drag strip, with a Power Stroke diesel engine swap, running a 10 second quarter-mile before. That is, until now.

Obviously, putting a big diesel in a small truck like the Ranger is a recipe for YouTube¬†fame, and running a 10 second quarter-mile helps that. It’s definitely not a truck you want to meet at a red light or on the drag strip.

As an added bonus, the Ranger easily defeats the much larger Cummins-powered Ram truck, which appears to be tuned more for rolling coal than actually going down a drag strip. He was probably thinking that little Ranger didn’t have a chance.

This video proves that wrong.

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via [Speed Society]

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