Poll: Leave Your Ford Dirty in the Winter or Wash It?

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Winter weather is already upon us, meaning that many areas of the United States are about to be (or already are) blanketed with snow, or doused in freezing rain. Therefore, making it impossible to keep a daily driven vehicle clean for very long.

With that in mind we come to our latest poll: During the winter, do you try and keep your Ford truck or SUV as clean as possible, or do you let it stay dirty until the weather clears up a few months down the road?

Ultimately, there’s no wrong answer. Some owners pride in having their vehicles nice and clean despite the weather around them, and others wear mud and other elements proudly on their sheet metal. Which owner are you?

When my truck gets muddy in the spring or summer I might leave it on the truck for awhile, but come December, I don’t like to let the Michigan road salt sit on the body for very long. I guess I ultimately do my best to keep the truck cleaner during snowy weather.

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