Question of the Week: Do You Want a Ford Ranger With Diesel Power?

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Ford ranger

Would you prefer a diesel, or a gasoline engine upon the Ford Ranger’s American return?

The Ford Ranger was one of the Motor Company’s most popular vehicles in the United States from 1983 through 2011, and it achieved so with 4-cylinder and V6 gasoline-powered engines. On the other hand, the Ford Ranger currently sold in markets like South America and Australia has enjoyed record-breaking sales, thanks the availability of both gasoline and diesel engines.

When the Ranger was still available at local Ford dealerships, diesel technology wasn’t as popular as it is today among average American truck buyers. Sure, there were popular diesel cars sold in the US during the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s, but when it came to trucks, only the heavy-duty models received the diesel treatment.

ford ranger

However, things have changed a great deal since the Ranger left the lineup back in 2011. Diesel development has come a long way, and “clean diesel” technology has become much more popular in the US market. GM has introduced a small diesel in the Colorado midsize pickup, Ram features a diesel motor in their 1500 truck, and Ford will soon offer a 3.0-liter PowerStroke diesel in the F-150, all of which offer a great mix of performance and fuel economy. Based on the early results of these new diesel trucks, we can expect that diesel sales numbers will be even higher than they are now when the new Ranger arrives.

With that in mind, when the next generation Ford Ranger arrives, would you prefer to buy it with a diesel engine, or will you stick with gasoline?

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