Austin Police Officer Sues Ford Over Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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2011 Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Texas Police Officer was poisoned while driving his 2011 Ford Explorer on duty.

Not very good news for Ford out of Texas. A police officer from the state’s capital has just filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Company and a local dealership, claiming that he suffered carbon monoxide poisoning after driving his patrol vehicle on March 18, according to The American-Statesman.

According to the suit, Sgt. LaHood was driving his marked 2011 Ford Explorer patrol vehicle on March 18 when he started to feel nauseated, light-headed, and experience headaches and blurred vision. After noticing those effects, the officer allegedly lost consciousness and almost ran into an oncoming vehicle. LaHood then found a safe place to pull over, where he requested help. When he was taken to the hospital he was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.


The lawsuit also claims that Ford had been informed of exhaust issues in their 2011 Ford Explorers, but had only notified dealerships and not the public. LaHood claims in the suit that his patrol vehicle was serviced by other companies, but they had not fixed the problem, even with the solutions that were given to them by Ford. Finally, the suit also says that there were alternative vehicles that were safer and could have prevented or reduced the risk of injury.

LaHood and his wife are seeking damages in excess of $1 million for medical expenses, loss of income, physical and mental pain, and other issues incurred. According to the suit, LaHood has suffered “severe neurological injuries,” that have required additional medical help.

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