An Arresting Ford Truck Commercial Spoof: Throwback Thursday

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Dennis Leary provides the perfect voiceover to transform a police chase into a funny Ford commercial.

The RockFreeler YouTube channel combined video footage of a stolen Ford truck being chased by police with the audio from a F-150 ad. The audio and video sync up surprisingly well, making for a very funny spoof commercial for America’s best-selling truck.

Super Duty on the Run

In case you don’t recognize the video footage, late last year a guy in Oklahoma stole a Ford Super Duty pickup and led police on a lengthy chase. There were a handful of videos of the action, including footage that the truck thief shared live from his phone during the chase. We covered it here on Ford Trucks back in November.

At first, it was just your average police chase, with a handful of Dodge Chargers and Ford Explorers following the Ford Super Duty around the local roads. The action picked up when the truck thief realized that his vehicle was more capable in an off-road setting, so he began driving through fields to try to lose the police. It didn’t work, as he eventually backed into a pond where the truck got stuck, at which point the thief tried (unsuccessfully) to get away on foot.

Stolen Ford Truck commercial spoof

What was likely a tense time for the police and the owner of the stolen Ford Super Duty made for an interesting video, but it makes for an even better spoof of a Ford commercial.

Dennis Leary Narrates the Chase

The YouTuber took some of the video footage of that stolen Super Duty and added the audio from one of the F-150 commercials featuring comedian Dennis Leary. While we all know that the truck in the video isn’t an F-150 with an EcoBoost engine, everything that Leary says during the chase seems to fit perfectly – right down to the thief being dropped by a cop with a Taser.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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