A Pickup Car Find for $3,000 Bucks!

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Good deals are out there and you just have to know where to look. Well, and have a little cash handy for the right moment. Forum member impish just scored a real beauty – a sixth generation pickup car – the Ford Ranchero!

“It’s a ’72, pretty decent shape, the owner was moving clear across the country, so gave it up for a song: three-thousand bucks!”

It sure looks like a fine addition to his garage and will complement his daily driver, which is a 2004 Ford Explorer.


The Ranchero “Has a 351-C 2-V engine, but I’m disappointed to say C-4 instead of C-6 transmission. The wheels are off a Lincoln,” impish explains. “It stood over a month on my drive, awaiting some kind of action, not a single drop of oil leaked anywhere.”

That’s an encouraging sign and the previous owner claimed that the engine has been rebuilt, but it turns out it seems to be missing some pieces.



It “has factory A/C, BUT, the condenser coil, all connecting hoses and tubing, and compressor, are missing! Go figure.”

What impish wants to know is: “How can one go about replacing the condenser?”

The hoses and compressor are fairly easy, right? Thank you for sharing and congrats on the find!

Any expert advice in the forum will be greatly appreciated.>>

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