Pete Gutierrez Shows Custom “Raidernation” Themed Ford Excursion at 2011 SEMA

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As a Broncos fan (the team, not the truck, well, yes the truck, but not in this context), it’s hard for me to get behind anything that has love for the Oakland Raiders. But my love for the Broncos and my love for Ford trucks are odds, thanks to Pete Gutierrez’s Raider themed SEMA build.

The 2011 SEMA show was Pete Gutierrez’s second time showing a custom vehicle although he has been into customizing for over 20 years. "Every car I’ve ever owned I’ve customized it," Gutierrez told K&N News, "But this truck by far is the wildest."

Gutierrez’s day job is running a manufacturing company, but it’s his passion for customizing that was on full display at SEMA, with his 2005 Ford Excursion 6.8L, 4X4. The Excursion with its pearl white paint and black skull detail is Gutierrez’s sixth project vehicle, and it leaves little doubt which NFL team he sides with.

"I’m an avid Oakland Raider football fan. And my kids always wanted a lifted truck, so I put the two together. It is a Raider theme throughout, featuring custom graphics painted in and outside the truck, and a fully custom stereo."

Gutierrez explains that he first got into custom cars as a kid going to car shows with his folks. When he isn’t showing his truck he says he attends countless charitable events, as well as attending all the Raider home games. "When they play away, I do sport bars, and show my vehicle for different Booster Clubs up and down the coast," adds Gutierrez.

Gutierrez shows his truck and other vehicles with Show Car Inc. This is an automotive marketing company that specializes in placing vehicles for promotional uses such as, music videos, promotional events, and for some of the world’s largest automotive conventions. "Their goal," says Gutierrez, "is to be the best out there on the custom car scene."

Gutierrez vehicles have collectively won over 200 first place trophies, in September of 2008 he was featured Truckin Magazine. He has also been in a number of music videos. "We just did a music video with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa," says Gutierrez.

The two outstanding features on his Excursion that make Gutierrez particularly proud are suspension and the one of a kind paint job. "The suspension is completely fabricated, no bolt-on crap," says Gutierrez.

It’s that attention to detail that brought Gutierrez to K&N. "They are well known for being the best, so I went with them. I’d like to thank Steve Burkett, K&N, and all my sponsors," continues Gutierrez. "I’ll make some more modifications on the truck and I’ll come out even tougher next year."

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Pretty hot ride, right? But wouldn’t it be better in Bronco’s orange and blue? Shout off in the Forums!

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