OOPS: Ford Rangers Delivered to Iraq With the Wrong Army’s Paint Scheme

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Bad day at the office? At least you didn’t paint 94 Iraqi Ford Rangers with Afghanistan’s National Army logo.

Recent news of  Ford Ranger pickups appearing in Iraq with another military force’s made headlines across the globe. The Pentagon says that dozens of pickups with Afghani National Army logos were not smuggled into Iraq, but were rather delivered with the wrong paint scheme.

In May, freelance journalist Courtney Body tweeted a photo which was shot outside Mosul, Iraq, of a tan Ranger with the ANA’s (Afghanistan National Army) red, black, and green triangle on the door. At the time, U.S. Army spokesman Michael Clow indicated that the Army had helped the ANA and Afghan National Police obtain thousands of Ford pickup trucks. Veterans website Task & Purpose suggested that those agencies in Afghanistan had ordered as many as 31,000 Rangers in 2011 and 2012. So how did they get to Iraq, some 1,000 miles away?


“The managing program office has not facilitated the transfer of any vehicles out of Afghanistan,” Clow told veterans website Task & Purpose, “and we cannot speculate on the origin or disposition of the truck in the image.”

The Ford Ranger has been employed by many military forces overseas for many years, like the Toyota Hilux has been publicly used by ISIS and other terrorist groups. The small-but-capable trucks are often overworked and under-maintained, yet they deliver for their respective owners.

The Defense Department investigated the wayward Afghan National Army trucks, and came up with a simpler explanation. From Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump in an email: “A batch of 94 pickup trucks purchased for Iraqi forces inadvertently were painted with the color scheme and logo for the Afghan Army before delivery. After receiving the vehicles, the Iraqis did not change the color scheme or logo.”


Courtney Body, who tweeted the original picture, also found an Iraqi explanation for the ANA logos in Iraq. That explanation says that 300 trucks bound for Afghanistan were delivered to Iraqi military by mistake in 2009. “The company” (It’s unclear which company) offered them to sale for Iraq rather than pay to ship them on to Afghanistan. Many were posted to an artillery unit and repainted in time for a 2011 army review parade while others were stored. Those stored trucks were pulled from mothballs when needed recently but were not repainted. It’s still unclear through which part of the supply chain the original mix-up came.

If you ever thought you had an “oopsie”at the office, just imagine the guy that painted the wrong army’s logo on these Rangers!

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Story via: [Washington Post]

Photo via: [Rahim Gul Sarwan via Twitter]

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