Ford-hyped Patriotic Grille Deserves a Salute

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America, home of the Ford, land of the badass.

Love that grille!

Now, those are not our words above. But, we did have the same reaction as the Ford fan who posted his excited reaction online upon seeing this hot shot of a Ford truck sporting an American flag grille that was recently posted to Ford’s Twitter.

This star-spangled grille, which incorporates one of greatest designs in the world, makes us want to stand up proud and salute that F-150 each and every time it rolls by!

Nothing says “I am a proud, badass American with an equally badass, U.S.-built truck” better than sporting an American flag on the front of a Ford F-150, or any Blue Oval-built truck. (We’re lookin’ at you forthcoming Bronco and Ranger!)

Naturally, the second expected response upon seeing this groovy grille is to immediately ask: Where can I get one for my ride?!?

Ford answers that question on below the photo: “Have you contacted your local dealer? They can help you order one.”

And there you have it. Now, let your fierce flag fly!


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