Ford Should Really Step Up Its Party Wagon Game

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Ford’s F-150 is a best-in-class machine, with the all important payload and towing numbers. They also have best-in-class gasoline fuel economy. But one thing that some of the competition has that would be useful in the F-150 would be some sort of bed storage from the factory. You know, a place to put your tools!

Or beer.


For awhile now, Ram Trucks has been offering their RamBox cargo management feature on their trucks. This lockable storage is really convenient, plus it’s water tight and features drain plugs. That means you can pack it full of ice and drinks on your next getaway.

2017 Honda Ridgeline

The new Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck has their own take on in-bed storage. Their storage system is standard (the Ram’s is nearly $1,300 extra), and lives underneath the bed of the truck. On the recent media program for that vehicle, they demonstrated how it could be filled with ice and beverages as well. Again, a drain plug helps get the melted ice out afterwards.

The Ridgeline also has something special with the latest version; in-bed audio. With some unique trickery with speakers, Ridgeline owners can pipe whatever they’re playing on the stereo to the outside world through the bed speakers. In conjunction with the external, household plug that can power a flatscreen television, the Ridgeline is quite the tailgater’s dream.

While the in-bed speakers probably aren’t as big of a deal, the additional storage would be pretty useful. Trucks have loads of storage nooks and crannies these days, thanks in part to how big they’ve become. But external, secure, weather-resistant storage is still a bit of a rarity in the truck world. From my knowledge, only Nissan, Honda and Ram offer some sort of OEM solution.


Granted, there are aftermarket companies out there that offer add-on bed storage solutions. They are also getting more and more advanced as time progresses. It’s no longer just a steel toolbox for the bed, but OEM-like integrated options everywhere. Look in the back of any law enforcement SUV or truck and you’ll see what I’m on about. While these are all well and good, offering something straight from the manufacturer at the time of the build is still the ideal solution.

I’d like to see Ford eventually offer something similar to what’s out there from the competition. It makes it even easier to store things. It makes it easy to be the life of the party when you go outdoors. It also makes it easy to add to the transaction price of the truck, increasing Ford’s profitability. Plus, is there anything more American than a beverage cooler built into your pickup truck?

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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