Parking Lot 2.0 Aims to Make Parking Tolerable

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The 2015 International CES is well under way, with Ford’s Mark Fields starting with the grand keynote. Ford was one of the first manufacturers to attend CES, as they view themselves as a consumer electronics company as much as an automotive company.

Since Sync 3 was already announced in December, Mr. Fields talked about 25 global mobility initiatives, including Parking Lot 2.0 for Los Angeles.

Innovate Mobility Challenge: Parking Lot 2.0, Los Angeles

Los Angeles isn’t exactly the most commuter friendly city in the country, so a lot of people drive. LA has more parking spots per acre than any other city.

Managing all of those parking spots can be a logistical nightmare, considering some are useful during certain hours, banned during others, and so on.

As a driver, it can be even more confusing. Surely, there’s got to be a better way?

Parking Lot 2.0’s better way involves having a database of all available and occupied parking spaces. The app can tell you which spots are open and how much they’ll cost.

You even automatically pay for the parking through the app. It makes you a much more informed driver, which makes everything easier and safer.

Innovate Mobility Challenge: Parking Lot 2.0, Los Angeles

The app does do some things that people might think are questionable. An owner of a parking lot of space can set surge pricing from the app.

The app developers also claim that parking lot attendants will no longer be needed. Why? Because if a user of the app thinks someone is parked illegally, they can take a picture of the car’s license plate, and if the car hasn’t paid to park there, they’ll automatically be charged.┬áThe person reporting the car also receives a reward.

What do you think? Will an app like this take off or is the idea of better parking just a pipe dream?

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