Over the Top Ford Super Duty Trucks – Yay or Nay?

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Recent aftermarket trends have turned already larger-than-life Ford Super Duty trucks into rolling gold mines. But, are they even cool?

Customizing one’s ride has always been part of the truck ownership experience. Whether it’s something as basic and subtle as tinting the windows, or something as outrageous as smoke stacks and massive suspension lifts, the idea of customization is only what the truck owner wants it to be. Because after all, it’s your own business and no one else’s what you do with your Ford and your cash.

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If you spend any amount of time browsing Instagram, then you probably already know of Lewisville Auto plex. The folks from the Lone Star State have been churning out some of the hottest customized trucks in the nation, but we can’t help and wonder if some of these modded trucks have officially crossed the line?

Considering what a loaded 2017 Super Duty costs, we can’t imagine it’s a sound financial decision to throw another $30 grand on top of that. Especially when most of the mods are designed to enhance looks, and not exactly performance. Then again, who are we kidding? Some of these trucks do look pretty darn awesome.

What do you think?

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