Our (Second) Favorite Ford Returns with New Truck Anthems

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Truck-steppin’ rap-rock outlaw Colt Ford is back with more ride-themed party songs and a new tour coming to a racetrack near you.

There is good news if you’re one of the countless truck enthusiasts who spent the summer of 2015 doing donuts in empty parking lots while blaring Colt Ford‘s “Truck Step” from your speakers. The truck-obsessed singer-songwriter is coming back with a couple of new anthems about our favorite rides on the upcoming release, Love Hope Faith. Set to drop May 5, the album includes the vehicle-themed (and likely genre-jumping) tracks “My Truck,” “4 Lane Gone” and “Dirt Road Disco.”

Plus, Ford is rolling out his inevitable new hits with the help of some music heavy weights. CW superstars Toby Keith and Brad Paisley bring their country-rock edge to the songs “Time Flies” and “Lookin’ for a Hand Out,” respectively. And Lady Antebellum‘s Charles Kelley and his brother Josh lend support on “Young Americans.”

Ford’s upcoming album will continue to infuse hard-rock stylings into Ford’s schizophonic musical landscape. Nineties hit-makers Lit guest on the track “I’m Mud.” The band’s frontman Jeremy Popoff also co-wrote a few tracks on Ford’s new album, including the aforementioned “My Truck,” which features “A Guy Walks into a Bar” singer Tyler Farr providing backup vocals.

After a broken leg sidelined his pro-golf aspirations, the former Jason Farris Brown took the curious name Colt Ford and steered his career goals toward tackling country music. Part Kid Rock, part Garth Brooks, and totally badass, Ford first found fame with his 2008 debut album, Ride Through the Country. He steadily built up a loyal following with his original hip-hop/country-rock mashups. Later that year, Ford guested on a remix of Montgomery Gentry‘s Number One single “Roll with Me.”


USA, Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford,
raising a little hell and praising the Lord.’

Colt Ford, “Drivin’ Around Song”


Ford’s American anthems about enjoying simple small town pleasures like mudding, back roads racing in rusty pickups, and feeling invincible behind the wheel of a truck with “torque like a tank” easily connected with music fans who like their hip-hop/country-rock generated by a V8. Today, Ford’s videos have racked up over 100 million YouTube views, and he has amassed over a million and a half Facebook friends. His big breakthrough, of course, was the mercilessly-melodic 2015 smash “Truck Step,” which was included on the compilation album Mud Digger 5. On the track, Ford proudly lays out just what he’s all about: “Lord have mercy, I’m goin’ insane. Truck so big takin’ up two lanes. Trucks so jacked like I’m flyin’ a plane. Let me hear yall yell if ya know what I’m sayin’.”

Despite the telling reference in Ford’s stage moniker, in his songs, he doesn’t take preference to any particular brand of pickup. Instead, he is an all-around truck lover who gives a shout out to Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford in “The Drivin’ Around Song,” his 2012 collaboration with Jason Aldean. The burly, bearded badass from Athens, Georgia, raps about his love of 4x4s and monster trucks on all five of his previous releases. Included in the mix is the party anthem “Washed in the Mud,” from 2014’s Thanks for Listening.

“We can slip, slide, and run this thing.
Get it all dirty, break it in and ride.
Round here trucks get baptized…
Show it some hillbilly love.
Gonna get washed, washed in the mud…
My truck’s being born again
Can I get a amen?”

The singer-songwriter even brings to life in lyrical detail the famous silhouetted woman featured on big-rig splash guards in the tune, “Mud Flap.”

“Those curves she got give me a heart attack.
A little dirty but she cleans up nice,
A taste of sugar but a lotta spice.
Hit reverse, baby bring it on back.
I think I seen her on a mud flap.”

The truck-steppin’ tunes make for one hell of a party on the concert circuit. Fortunately, earlier this month, Ford kicked off his nationwide tour in support of Love Hope Faith. He will be bringing the party to Phoenix Raceway’s Camping World 500 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series on March 19 in Arizona. Fast cars, burning rubber and rockin’ tunes, now that sounds like our kind of afternoon.

Check out Ford’s full tour schedule here.

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