Original Ford GT40 Hits the Track Once Again

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With the announcement and reveal of the new Ford GT, everyone and their grandmother has been wondering if the Ford GT is going to head back to the storied pavement that is Le Mans. We’ve heard rumors, rumblings, lies, and all manner of hearsay for the past few months, but not a peep from the Blue Oval itself.

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the Ford GT40 smoking Ferrari at Le Mans, and it seems more and more likely, that Ford will enter the infamous race. Now to add fuel to the fire, Ford in partnership with InsideSales.com created this little video showcasing the original GT40 and how it beat Ferrari at its own game.

We’re not sure if this is just a marketing stunt for InsideSales, or more of a call to arms for Ford, but honestly, we don’t really care. Anytime we can listen to the original GT40 thunder around a racetrack is good day to be alive. So what do you all think? Are we going to get another Ford GT on the Le Mans podium, or is it all just a massive marketing stunt?

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