Original Flair & Hot Rod Speed 1932 Deuce Coupe

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Nothing wets a hot rod palette better than high-gloss black and decadent chrome-accented fully-completed 1932 Ford 5-Window “Deuce Coupe”. Soon you’ll have a chance to snag this super coupe this Spring when it crosses the auction block at Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach. Keep an eye on this piece if you’re in the market. This one is of primo build quality and componentry featuring no reserve.


Barrett-Jackson and Silodrome shares interesting history in the auction’s description for those unaware of the 1932 Ford’s significance in our American car culture. This “Duece Coupe” was at the perfect depreciation value after WWII for young veterans to affordably get speed. It soon became the trend to tune these coupes reducing weight and adding power starting a national craze; soon referred to as Hot Rodding.

These have grown to be so desirable. Today it’s uncommon to find an all-original “Deuce Coupe”. A large group of custom fabrication companies now make all parts to completely build an entire 5-Window Ford like the one you’re looking at in the pictures.


The pictures of this fully-completed replica model do proper justice showing off it’s three inch cropped roofline. Although it definitely is hiding some prized componentry under its steel skin. The new chassis fabricated by So-Cal Speed rides upon four-corner new suspension with a spotlight on its new transverse rear spring setup and Ford 9 Inch axle.

Components in plain sight are also quality choices with a fully-renovated Mercury 255 Flathead V8 hopped up with Tri-Power and Eddie Meyer head ready for neck breaking throttle responses. The classic period-perfect styling and power is matched to a 5-speed manual transmission offering a modern feel to the drive. Passengers will be pleasantly impressed too with Glide engineering seats and leather upholstered interior. Make the correct calls to get on line for your tickets to bid on this special “Deuce Coupe” with original flavor and hot rod speed.


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