Operation Fearless: A Tribute to a Fallen Navy SEAL

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November 11th is a very special day. Maybe it’s not the most fun and enjoyable day of the year, but it is by far one of the most necessary. Veteran’s Day is a day where many heads hang low and the hats come off in solemn gratitude.

It is also a day where we step back and remember just how grateful we are to live in our nation that is served and protected by the greatest people the world has seen. Many of us know a veteran, and maybe we don’t thank them enough. Many of us knew a veteran, and now it’s too late to express the appreciation we feel.

For many who have lost a loved one in combat, this time may be even harder. Where do you go? How can you pay it forward and make it mean something more? Well, RK Motors Charlotte and RK Motor Performance Center decided to take on the challenge to remember and pay tribute to a U.S. Navy SEAL named Adam Brown.

Adam Brown was killed in action in the most noble way possible — protecting his team. On March 17, 2010 his unit was assaulting an enemy compound in Afghanistan and came under heavy fire, resulting in a portion of the soldiers being pinned down. Adam charged the enemy from a better vantage in order draw the fire away from his fellow soldiers. The move saved the lives of his comrades but cost him his own. Adam is survived by his wife and two children.


So RK Motors Charlotte and RK Motor Performance Center took on the challenge of properly honoring Adam Brown and helping his family through the trying time in a effort they called “Operation Fearless.” They picked up a 1991 Ford Bronco and began to discuss what they could to it to reflect the personality and life of Adam Brown.

What originally started out as a plan for a basic restoration quickly became something much, much more. The result would be a unique military-style with a cockpit style interior and the best look and feel of any Bronco that has ever rolled on the pavement.

The Bronco has now been to many shows (most recently it was at SEMA) and stands out as not only one of the most amazing Broncos we’ve ever seen, but also one of the most meaningful. Probably the greatest piece of the rig is within the interior, where Adam’s patched have been sewn into the seats.

The patches say “cry havoc and unleash the hawks of war,” which so truly fits the tone of the truck itself. Adam’s wife, Kelley, is now the owner of the precious Bronco, and we hope to see it last in the family for a very, very long time.

Watch the video below to learn more about the tribute build, and don’t forget to thank the veteran in your life. For all of the veterans out there, and those who are now gone: Thank you.

Photos above courtesy of My Classic Garage and Operation Fearless.

SEMA photos courtesy of Nolan Browning.

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