One-of-One Woody Bronco is Like a Rolling Off-Roading Sauna

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A sauna is a place for relaxation. Once you close your eyes and delete the images of those seven fat dudes who think hand towels cover everything, it is time to rest, to release the tension, to let out the worries. Along with the sweltering heat, the natural wood offers somewhat of an escape from the brick, paint, drywall, or whatever else is boxing you in everywhere else. And now you can get that feeling inside a Ford Bronco, thanks to the guys at Classic Ford Broncos.

F143170942With a track record of building high-quality unique Bronco restorations, CFB’s newest creation is flatly named the “Woody.” You’ll never guess why! Throwing back to the ’40s and ’50s, when wood-clad wagons were fairly common, at least near water, CFB wanted to combine a classic look and a classic vehicle. The result works better than you might have imagined.

F143170945Before the woodwork was crafted, the Bronco was painted in a beautiful green that can be seen on the front third of the vehicle and outlining the wood. Then the marine-grade wood was added to the doors, rear panels, and the tailgate. The look is completed with a white roof that matches the rims and chrome bumpers. The interior is even more lush.

F143170941Step inside and you enter a lush, luxurious brown leather and wood experience. The overall package is completely upgraded with air conditioning power disc brakes, power steering and a fuel-injected 302 crate engine. It’s been lifted 3.5 inches, and the tires are 31 inches. Fork over $75,000, and this bad boy is yours.

[Via Classic Ford Broncos]

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