One Dozen Bigfoots Invade Atlanta This Weekend!

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Do you want to see the original Bigfoot or the one that jumped over a plane in 1999? How about the world’s biggest Bigfoot or the latest, battery-powered version?

If you live near Atlanta, Georgia you can see them all this weekend.

Otherwise, you can check out some awesome photos recently posted by Holley Performance and Summit Racing  from the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Twitter and Instagram.

11 of the 12 BIGFOOT trucks line the track at the Atlanta Motor Speedway getting ready for the Summit Racing Atlanta Motorama this weekend! #atlmotorama

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It sure looks like it’s going to be great, car crushing weekend at the Summit Racing Atlanta Motorama which is also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the king of all monster trucks known as Bigfoot.

The following 12 Bigfoots will be on display at Motorama according to the organizers:

BIGFOOT #1 – The Original Monster Truck

BIGFOOT #5 – The world’s tallest and heaviest Monster truck

BIGFOOT #8 – The first tube-chassis monster truck

BIGFOOT #10 – The first BIGFOOT mid-engine monster truck

BIGFOOT #11 – Jumped a record 117 feet in 1995

BIGFOOT #12 – First designated display truck

BIGFOOT # 14 – Jumped over a plane in 1999

BIGFOOT #15 – Debuted at 1995 SEMSA sho

BIGFOOT #18 – First concussion BIGFOOT chassis

BIGFOOT #19 – First CRD BIGFOOT chassis

BIGFOOT #20 – World’s only battery-powered monster truck

BIGFOOT #21 – Nicknamed, “The Beast”

The event takes place April 18-19 at the Speedway and you can also see hundreds of other cars and trucks over the weekend.

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