‘Old Smokey’ Ford F1 Crashes at Pike’s Peak

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An unfortunate incident lands our favorite Ford F1 in a ditch. But amazingly, it lives to see another race day!

By now, you’re probably very familiar with this insane Ford F1 known as Old Smokey. The build debuted way back in 2016 at SEMA in Las Vegas, and has made the rounds ever since. Built by Chuckles Garage, the heavily patina’d pickup was never designed to be a show queen, however. It was built to run pretty much every kind of race you can think of, from the drags to drifting competitions. And most recently, the legendary event known as the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb.

Sadly, however, the 90+ pounds of boost in the truck’s 5.9-liter Cummins proved a bit too much to handle on that infamous mountain road. With all 1,200 horsepower and 2,000 lb-ft of torque screaming around Engineer’s Corner, driver and builder Scotty Birdsall lost control and slid off the embankment.

Here is some of the only footage my Gopro was able to capture from the mountain. This is leading up to my incident on engineers corner. The camera captured me driving to the line and waiting to start, then chopped up the video into little bits. Only fractions of it saved, and none of the actual crash saved. Has anyone had this happen? I’m assuming the heavy impact caused it. Anyways, the truck was handling awesome, and heres a snippet of me hauling the mail in the first mile of the course. . . . . THANKS TO ALL OF OUR PARTNERS!  @airaid @toyotires @turbobygarrett @ptpturboblankets @pureflowairdog @atsdiesel @fifteen52 @autometerproducts @wilwooddiscbrakes @moleculesports @nitrousexpress @thehoonigans @bellintercoolers @powerdrivendiesel @tialsport @loctiteglue @henkel @mbrpexhaust @mishimoto @dynomitedieselproducts @oldsmokeyf1 @hptuners @alldodgetruck @red_line_oil @sparcofficial @motonsuspensionusa @motonsuspensionhq @krazeeun @hardway_performance @fuelsafe @moleulesports @aprperformance @safecraft @vibrant_performance @nexgenfuel . #dynomitediesel #oldsmokeyf1 #turbobygarrett #ppihc #moleculesports #airaid #ptpturboblankets #ats #atsdieselperformance #toyotires #pikespeakinternationalhillclimb #tialsport #pikespeak #autometerproducts #moleculesports #motonsuspension #fifteen52 #ppihc2018 #nitrousexpress #hptuners #thehoonigans #bellintercoolers #agrperformancesteering #aprperformance #pureflowairdog  #alldodgetruck #fuelsafe #safecraft #vibrantperformance #nexgenfuel #oldsmokeyf1

A post shared by Scott Birdsall (@chucklesgarage) on Jun 22, 2018 at 12:42pm PDT

Thankfully, he and the Ford F1 came to rest in a ditch and Birdsall didn’t suffer any major injuries. Credit some trees, which Birdsall actually believes helped lessen the damage. “Usually trees are a bad thing,” he wrote on Instagram. “They slowed the truck a good amount before it slammed into the hillside.”

In life, it is not your struggles that define you, but rather how you respond to them. @pikespeakhillclimb 2018 has been quite the journey. A blown motor, a nasty crash on engineers corner, a whirlwind repair and now on the last stint of practice day one, we have a broken piston. This time it is our official withdrawal from the 2018 running of the PPIHC. I could sit here and talk about how bad this sucks and so on, but instead, I want say what an amazing experience this was, and say thank you to all of the awesome friends and partners that came together to make it all possible. Without you guys I am nothing, and I appreciate you all. I will be at Fan Fest in the Toyo booth on the 22nd. Come by and say hi. See you on the mountain in 2019! AMAZING photos by my man @jam9k. . THANKS TO ALL OF OUR PARTNERS! YOU GUYS ALL MADE THIS POSSIBLE @airaid @toyotires @turbobygarrett @ptpturboblankets @pureflowairdog @atsdiesel @fifteen52 @autometerproducts @wilwooddiscbrakes @moleculesports @nitrousexpress @thehoonigans @bellintercoolers @powerdrivendiesel @tialsport @loctiteglue @henkel @mbrpexhaust @mishimoto @dynomitedieselproducts @oldsmokeyf1 @hptuners @alldodgetruck @red_line_oil @sparcofficial @motonsuspensionusa @motonsuspensionhq @krazeeun @hardway_performance @fuelsafe @moleulesports @aprperformance @safecraft @vibrant_performance @nexgenfuel . THANKS TO MY FRIENDS THAT BUSTED ASS AND CAME THROUGH TO HELP! @dellmorific, @gabeabramson, @b00gey_man, @bobbythor86, @volkdent, @carboncowboy08, @jsmitty67, @jush7, @kultstatus, @saltyboxracing, @just.buildit, Dave Lundgren, Clint Vahsholtz . Thank you to my amazing wife @mrsjujubird 😘 for supporting me as I follow my dreams . . #dynomitediesel #ddp #turbobygarrett #turbolife #moleculesports #airaid #ptpturboblankets #ats #atsdieselperformance #toyotires #teamtoyo #tialsport #optimabatteries #autometerproducts #moleculesports #motonsuspension #fifteen52 #fifteen52family #nitrousexpress #hptuners #thehoonigans #bellintercoolers #agrperformancesteering #aprperformance #pureflowairdog  #alldodgetruck #fuelsafe #safecraft #nexgenfuel #vibrantperformance

A post shared by Scott Birdsall (@chucklesgarage) on Jun 19, 2018 at 10:36pm PDT

Also surprisingly, the truck held up very well after the hairy crash. Birdsall and team actually managed to get Old Smokey repaired in time to finish the race. But then, a blown piston ended their day once again. But have no fear – the heavily turbo’d ride will live to see another day. And that already includes next year’s Pike’s Peak, which the team has already committed to. Let’s hope that next time around, this incredible Ford F1 fares a little better!

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