Old-school Off-road Bronco Bounces into L.A. Auto Show

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Uncle Bob's Bouncing Bronco LA Auto Show

‘Uncle Bob’s Bouncing Bronco’ is a beautifully recovered and restored piece of off-road racing history.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Bob Lewis, aka “Uncle Bob” was one of the baddest racers in the game. Lewis’ weapon of choice for tearing it up in desert races was a first-generation Ford Bronco, naturally. We were thrilled to see Uncle Bob’s Bouncing Bronco at the L.A. Auto Show, and have a rare opportunity to check out this rugged piece of racing history up close.

The retro Bronco was on display at Galpin’s Hall of Customs. Originally, Lewis’ Bronco was built by Galpin Auto Sports in the late 1960s.

Uncle Bob's Bouncing Bronco LA Auto Show

Over the years, Lewis put his Bronco through the ringer. He raced it in all manner of terrain, and took off-roading to new heights in the sport.

Galpin customized his ride with large bumpers, chrome-plated winches, added beefy tires and wheels, custom roll cage, paint, and a rifle rack. Hey, why not?

Uncle Bob's Bouncing Bronco LA Auto Show

It was race ready and featured KC daylighters. Interesting note: Lewis is often credited with making the daylighters synonymous with the Bronco as he was first to be sponsored by the company.

Uncle Bob's Bouncing Bronco LA Auto Show

Uncle Bob added more Broncos to his roster over the years. But Galpin decided to take the ride out of storage and restore the classic racer. Now it looks as good as it did in its glory days.

Uncle Bob's Bouncing Bronco LA Auto Show

Uncle Bob’s Bouncing Bronco is a rad piece of automotive and racing history, and a reminder of how solid Ford built these bad boys. They will always be classic cool, and down and dirty dirt-kickin’ racers.

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Photos for Ford Truck Enthusiasts by Derin Richardson

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