Old-School Ford F-100 is Ready to Drift Into Global Notoriety

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F-100 Drift Machine

Instagrammer gets fast and furious in a Ford F-100.

What’s the first thing to come to mind when you hear the word “drifting”? Vin Diesel and The Rock chasing each other around the world in the most insane cars ever? Maybe the sight of midget and World of Outlaws racers sweeping sideways through the turns at the dirt track? Or perhaps, a gaggle of Japanese, European, and American cars smoking the tires and busting the fenders on their way to glory? Either way, an old pickup likely wasn’t the first vehicle type to appear in your mind’s eye. But there is one Instagrammer who is about to change all that.

David Leffel, who goes by the username just.buildit on Instagram, shows us that old pickups can take on Supras, 240SXs, and Mustangs, and look awesome doing it. His F-100 looks like a slammed rat rod with so much patina that you might need a tetanus shot just from looking in its direction, but the intercooler over the front bumper with a big tube exiting from what was the left headlamp should be your first clue that this is no ordinary old truck.

F-100 Drift Machine

What we’ve got instead is a twin-turbo 400 V8 with Holley EFI good for smoking the rear tires with 950 horsepower. Meanwhile, the independent rear suspension under the stepside bed helps swing all that power around the corners like a champ, crushing the competition in style.

F-100 Drift Machine

The fast and furious F-100 is only one of several machines under Leffel’s care. He also has an S197 Mustang drifter, and a mad and equally patina’d F-1 which recently howled up to the top of Pikes Peak. The prolific Instgrammer and diehard auto enthusiast also recently shared some spectacular drone footage of himself doing some serious truck drifting, below.


We recommend you visit Leffel’s Instagram to see more videos of his F-100 smoke it up. And if it appears in your neck of the woods, you’ll be there to bear witness to greatness.

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