Old F-250 Farm Truck Is the Definition of ‘Ford Tough’ (Video)

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If you ever find yourself cornered by Chevy fans, use this video as proof of the Ford F-Series truck superiority.

Trucks are work tools. They are machines designed to do work — tough work. Over the decades Ford has proven that it makes the strongest and most capable trucks, and this video of a vintage Ford F-250 farm truck is solid proof of that. Not to mention the several stories we’ve shared with you throughout the years, including this recent one of an F-450 pulling a semi truck unstuck from the mud.

This video, courtesy Happy Homestead Family, shows a full-size John Deere 5065E tractor doing what Chevy owners think a modern F-150 can’t do — take some serious abuse in the cargo bed department. The fact that this isn’t a new F-150, but in fact, a twenty-something-year-old truck is even more impressive.


The massive trees dropped in the bed of the F-250 look to be about 60-inches across at their widest point, and every bit of nine-feet-long! In fact, they weigh so much that the John Deere was getting a bit light in the rear despite having a full rear ballast! Of course, the Ford truck took it like a champ!

We could sit here and use complex words to describe a tractor dumping logs in a truck, but that’s not necessary, is it? What we will say, is that if you want America’s best truck, only Ford will do.

Enjoy the video!

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