This Old Ford: 1948 Ford F-1 Flashback

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48F1Ford Motor Company rolled out the first of the F-Series in 1948. A major change from the prior models, the F-Series was built on a dedicated truck platform and not its car chassis which provided a wider cab.

The F-Series differed from the prior truck line as it featured a flat windshield and attached headlights. A really cool option you could buy was the “See-Clear” windshield wiper which was activated by a foot plunger that pushed water onto the front window.

Other available options included sun visors, taillights on the passenger side and two horns. The F-Series was sold in four models. They included the basic model, a panel truck, cabin over engine (COE) chassis and a school bus.

The F-Series was definitely varied and could serve almost any need. Ford received 108,000 orders for the 1948 F-1 and prices ranged from $900 to $1500. A far cry from the Ford in the picture above at the top of the page, which was recently listed for almost $40,000.



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