Old Blue! 1983 Ford F-150 SuperCab Build

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FTE member flipperstu has been a Ford guy since day one. He learned to drive in his grandfather’s 1970s Ford F-150, and later drove a 1997 F-150 through high school. In addition he spent some time driving his father’s Ford Focus, got a job that involved driving a 2010 F-150 company truck, and currently commutes in a Ford Ranger. All in all, it seems pretty clear that Ford is the brand that he loves, and certainly for good reason! After all, there is no other ride out there that is as reliable, durable, and reputable than a Ford truck!

So it should come as no surprise that when flipperstu decided to take on his most recent project, he decided to go with a Ford. To be more specific, the ride is a 1983 Ford F-150, and it’s actually in pretty decent shape. It runs and drives, but still needs a bit of “TLC” to get it where it needs to be for inspection! Among other things, he plans to perform a rocker panel repair, fix a header leak, replace the box due to a severely rusted bed, add new shocks all around, and more!

Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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