THIS OLD AD: Bronco II Kicks Ass from the Sand Dunes to the City

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The Ford Bronco II is a sports utility vehicle manufactured over five generations by Ford Motor Company.  The Ford Bronco II was introduced in 1983 and production ran until 1990.

Ford marketed the Bronco II as the vehicle for people who like to have fun.  A standard V-6 engine, husky frame and ample cargo space allowed drivers to throw their gear in the back and take off for whatever adventure awaited them.  Add on any of the décor options like wheel spats or a colorful racing stripes and you had a spiffy ride that could take you through the sand, mud or water.

The Bronco II could also be used as a daily driver but with two compact doors, it was better suited for “men, single people or young couples.”  The Bronco could take two people comfortably from the sand dunes to a fancy restaurant in the city.  A new kind of sports car! We can’t wait to see the all-new version when it debuts in Detroit next year. (Fingers crossed!)

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