THIS OLD AD: Ford Trucks Built to Last Then and Now

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In 1941, the United States was just starting to recover from the Great Depression. World War II was raging on overseas but here, at home, life was looking up. Defense jobs were plentiful and the average salary was approximately $1900.


However, while the economy was steadily improving, being frugal was an ingrained way of life and, for many, the mindset was that if you didn’t need it, you didn’t buy it and, if you did buy it, then you used it until it was no longer usable.

“Built to Last,” the 1941 Ford Stake Bed was a solid investment during these times. At an average price tag of $850, the Ford truck was a smart choice.


Popular with many industries, including military, trade and agriculture, Ford trucks were a constant fixture on the road. Ford built a truck that was a not only a proven work horse but was really good looking as well with its classic lines, freestanding headlights and V-shaped grille.

Putting their trust and money into their Fords, owners were rewarded with a hardworking, dependable vehicle that was well worth their hard earned investment.

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