THIS OLD AD 1941 Cab-Over-Engine Ford Truck

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Check out this old ad of a 1941 Cab-Over-Engine Ford Truck with the then recently launched 35,000 ton U.S.S. North Carolina.

That’s a great looking C.O.E. and one heck of a battleship. Depending on the particular model and wheel base, the 1941 COE cranked out 90 or 100 horsepower back in the day.

It’s also an unusual advertisement that touches upon American preparedness and the American way of life duringĀ a tragic periodĀ of our country’s history.

“The great fleet that’s never in” refers to the great fleet of Ford Trucks that are always on the go in this ad copy and is not a reference to the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor.

Fortunately the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship survived the second World War and can still be visited today.

And of course there are plenty of Ford trucks that are still around too.

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Photos courtesy of Old Car Advertisements.

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