TRUCKED UP! Ranger Driver Hits Motorcyclist, Rider Jumps Into Truck Bed

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This isn’t usually what people mean when they say, “get into bed with me.” See that pickup truck toward the middle of the photo in front of the Mustang? That’s a person in the back. That person was not in the back of that truck five seconds ago, he was on the motorcycle you see all the way to the left. But the joker in the pickup decided he didn’t like sharing the road with a bunch of lane-splitting motorcyclists, so he gave his steering wheel a little tug and gave the motorcycle a hip check:

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After going down, the rider was rightfully furious and popped right back up, eyes locked in on the truck. Then he did something that’s understandable in the rage of the moment but also something that you should never ever do and is not the proper way to handle this situation. He dove head-first into the bed of the truck:

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Here’s the explanation from the rider himself:

“Splitting lanes on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles a white Ford Ranger was gradually closing in on our group as we passed, He almost clipped the second to last bike. As I approached from the rear I back-handed the bed of his truck “lightly” to let him know where here please stop moving in on us. He decided this was the best way to treat the situation.”

That’s something you might have missed in the video. The motorcyclist taps the truck, which is definitely not a preferred method of notification either. Most people, including me, aren’t going to appreciate some random rider touching my car. That doesn’t mean the driver had any right to run over the motorcycle, but this whole thing was handled poorly by both parties. Whether you’re in a car or on a motorcycle, just do everybody a favor, mind your business, don’t go out of your way to screw with anybody, and deal with your anger like everybody else: By cursing at your steering wheel and blaring your favorite music.

See how the whole thing went down below:

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