Officer Pulls Over Lincoln with Tree Hood Ornament

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Whether it is the Spirit of Ecstasy from your Rolls-Royce, a Lalique crystal radiator mascot on your 1931 Cord Phaeton, or the 3-pointed star on your Mercedes, the hood ornament has always been a status symbol for luxury cars.

Now if you really want to show off, you can have a 15-foot tree sticking out from your front bumper with your airbags deployed. But more than likely, if you do this, you might just be really drunk and you shouldn’t be driving.

Check out the police dash-cam footage below, as the officer spots the obnoxious hood ornament driver in the opposite lane and pulls her over. Not surprisingly, the women failed her sobriety test. Good thing the officer spotted this before she could do anymore harm.

How she might have thought it would be a good idea to continue driving after hitting a tree? We have no idea, but congratulations Illinois, you have one-upped Florida with this one.

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