On the Road Again: Getting Loco in a Shelby Raptor (Video0

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Baja Edition F-150 is the perfect off-road beast to drive or watch kick up dust. 

It’s unusual that a YouTube channel named ExoticCars19 would have such kick-ass footage of a Ford Shelby Raptor Baja Edition F-150, but lo and behold, that is exactly where we found this awesome video. The host, Brandon, is usually found behind the wheel of his 2017 Shelby GT350. But after spending some time tearing up the trails with a Raptor he’s been lured to the dark side.

“I kinda got bit by the Raptor bug lately,” Brandon says. “I find myself wanting one!” We completely understand, man. There is nothing like experiencing a big ol’ brick house of a Ford truck…especially a Raptor.

Shelby Raptor Baja Edition F-150

The video is a well done compilation of fun and wild off-road action. Props to Brandon for his camera work, he gets footage from the driver’s POV, the back of the truck, as well as some excellent drone photography. The result is a wealth of slamming off-roading footage that is a hoot to watch.

Give Brandon a follow, he promises if he gets 100,000 subscribers by 2020, he’ll buy a 6.2L V8 Raptor!

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