Off-Road Dream Trip: A 1966 Bronco Reunion

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1966 Bronco

For the Ford truck owners out there that possess one of the classics, it’s not terribly uncommon to see pictures of a truck of the same breed. After all, you aren’t the only one who possesses, or has possessed, the rig you drive now.

However, what you don’t expect to see as you’re browsing through the relevant Google searches is a picture of your truck. Sure, you’ll fine many like it, but actually finding an image from your classic Ford’s past would be like winning the lottery. Well, this guy certainly hit the jackpot!

1966 Bronco

Ford truck enthusiast 66 bronco roadster┬ámade the astounding discovery on a lazy Saturday in 2013 when he was simply searching the web for “Bronco roadsters.”

What he found was a picture that was taken prior to 1974 that was posted to a blog that belonged to a man named Wyman Meinzer. Wyman was shown in the photograph sitting in pure Texas style — dark tan, ripped jeans, and all — in the driver’s seat of 66 bronco roadster’s old 1966 Ford Bronco.

After communicating back and forth for some time they managed to confirm that the classic was, indeed, Wyman’s old truck.

Wyman Meinzer

Wyman is the only official State of Texas Photographer, and nowadays spends much of his time on King Ranch, located in Kingsville, Texas.

He photographs many of the amazing Ford trucks that work the 150 acre area and, though older now, clearly remembered his ’66 Bronco very dearly. He had bought the rig back in 1968 when he was seventeen years old, and it was that beloved Bronco that he drove out to his hunting trips and back an forth from college.

He owned it until after his college graduation in 1974, when he finally sold it. The rancher he sold it to had possession of the truck until 2010, when 66 bronco roadster became its new owner.

1966 Bronco

66 bronco roadster posted this amazing story in response to a competition that offered a set of a four BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires to whichever member had the greatest dream off-road trip.

He decided that his dream trip would be to ride his amazing ’66 Bronco down from Cleveland, Ohio to King Ranch in Texas to give the both Wyman and his old truck a wonderful reunion.

His dream trip earned his runner-up in the competition and will be receiving his reward shortly. We hope that one day 66 bronco roadster will be able to fulfill his dream of off-roading his Bronco down to King Ranch, and it would definitely be an exciting endeavor!

Check out the video that Ford put together below about Wyman Meinzer and his role in the photography at King Ranch!

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