Odd Ball News: Driving an Upside Down Ford Truck

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Have you ever wanted to drive a truck so original that you went to great lengths to accomplish such feat? Usually such desires of originality involve a custom paint job, wheels, and other parts, but for a man from Illinois, it meant driving an upside down Ford truck.

A mechanic by the name of, Rick Sullivan, might be the only owner in the world of an upside down Ford truck. The project started when he was called to rescue a flipped-over Ford Ranger that was involved in a crash due to snowy roads, and that’s when the mad idea began.

Rick rescued the Ranger and decided to pull the drivetrain out of it, and then source the body of a Ford F-150, and transplanted the Ranger drivetrain to it. Once the swap was done, there was lots of customizing to do in order to make the truck look like a legitimate upside down Ford.

Rick says it took him only $6,000 bucks and six months to get the project done, and that he’ll never ever sell his truck, and I’m glad about that! On this video by, Bancroft Cars, he also mentions that he’s working on another car project but refused to say exactly what the unique twist to it was.

Would you drive an upside down truck?

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