O.J.’s Bronco Has Found a New Home in Tennessee

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This fall, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum will open in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. just outside of Gatlinburg. According to the website, it’s going to be a two-floor, 25,00-square-foot interactive museum that will feature “five unique galleries that burrow deep into the studies of criminal intent, criminal profiles, the penal system, victims, crime prevention, forensic science, law enforcement and the Judiciary Branch of government.” Within one of those galleries will be the white Ford Bronco that O.J. Simpson and Al Collins were using in the most famous police “chase” of all time.

“I can tell you exactly where I was,” chief operating officer of the Alcatraz East Crime Museum Janine Vaccarello said. “I was in Orlando watching the chase at a bar and restaurant with a group of friends. I have not seen the Bronco yet, but I will very soon. It is really exciting that we’ll be able to have the Bronco on display at the museum. The O.J. chase in the white Ford Bronco is on lists with events like The Challenger [shuttle disaster] in terms of people being able to recall where they were when it happened.”

The museum technically didn’t buy the Bronco, it’s leasing it from Simpson’s old agent Mike Gilbert. Gilbert and two others co-own the Bronco after they bought it from A.C. 20 years ago.

You might be thinking, “hmm, Alcatraz in Tennessee?” Well, the museum was inspired by a visit to Alcatraz, and once the crime museum in Washington D.C. failed and closed, the idea for the museum was born. The 22nd anniversary of the chase is this Friday.

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